Our curriculum consists of three courses that can be covered in 6 to 12 months: (1) IAM Basic Bible Training (2) Old & New Testament Survey, and (3) IAM Discipleship Training.  These can be offered together or consecutively according to your school’s preference.  The training also includes and encourages outreach evangelism and works of mercy. Costs for the students are kept low, and may include a course material outline book when available.

A basic understanding of the Bible is foundational for all ministries. The Basic Bible Training course will lay that foundation through 59 sessions on the following topics:

How to Study the Bible (6 lessons)

Basic Bible Doctrine (18 lessons)

Spiritual Growth (22 lessons)

Walking in Holiness (13 lessons)

This course follows the successful completion of the Basic Bible Training and consists of five modules of discipleship applications. 

Module 1 - Intimacy with God/Character Development/Missiology/Evangelism 1

Module 2 - Ministry Guidance/World Religions/Teaching/Church Planting

Module 3 - Worship Warfare/Character Development II/Gifts of the Spirit/ Deliverance/Evangelism II

Module 4 - Leadership Formation/Preaching/Salvation/Works of Mercy

Module 5 - Team Dynamics/Works of Mercy

There are two options for using the IAM curriculum. One is affiliate training. This allows you to use the curriculum as you see fit in your church, small group, or even one on one discipleship (not for personal study). This option is available for a donation of $250 and provides one hard copy set of curriculum and the electronic files on CD that will allow you to print additional copies.  The proceeds help us to provide curriculum free of charge to those in developing nations.  Other choices are available based upon specific needs.  

The IAM School option is $150 and provides the same materials as the Affiliate School.  The difference is that this school requires that you go through all the material in order and that you make the training available to the Body of Christ throughout your community.  It also requires that you do outreaches (including a mission trip at the end), and have tests, etc., just like a regular school.  Training is generally part-time and can be tailored according to what works for the schedules of those involved.  

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