Medical Outreach

Care for the poor and minister to the the sick in a remote, rural setting!

Imagine riding in a pick-up truck on the great savannas of East Africa or gliding in a riverboat down the Amazon Basin.  Can you feel the cool waters as you swim in a stream that meanders through a remote mountain village in Haiti?

NOW IMAGINE ... in such places there are no doctors, no medicine, no help, no hope!

IAM Medical offers hope physically and spiritually to thousands during daily clinic outreaches to remote areas of the world. Bring the love of Jesus Christ to desperate people during a short-term trip.

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PRAYERFULLY CONSIDER BLESSING THE NATIONS THROUGH IAM MEDICAL. We need doctors, physician assistants, nurses, medical students, technicians, and dentists, but our teams are not limited to medical professionals.  If you have a heart of compassion you are welcome to come and help in a variety of ways.

Contact IAM Medical Outreach Directors Robin and Susan Brion if you are interested in a trip or can assist in gathering medical supplies for the nations.