Ministers Fellowship


United by God's Passion to extend His Kingdom

The purpose of the IAM Ministers' Fellowship is to bring ministers and ministries into greater unity with God's Kingdom purposes and thus with one another.  This is accomplished by supporting, equipping, and providing accountability networks among our members.  Paul encourages us to "be submitted to one another" in Ephesians 5:21, thus facilitating integrity with the Lord and before the church.

IMF membership is available predominately for North American ministers only.


Intimacy With God  ~  Song of Songs 2:14
Unity of Members ~ Psalm 133:1
Great Commission ~ Acts 1:8
Supportive Relationships ~ Galatians 6:2


Credentials provide spiritual and legal recognition of the calling and ministry that God has already placed upon an individual and assist in the fulfillment of that ministry.  

CHRISTIAN WORKERS ~ Those who have opportunity and sense a leading to minister in a hospital, prison, street ministry, etc. and are in need of Christian Workers Papers to function.

LICENSE ~Those in part-time ministries or probationary ministers preparing for ordained ministry;  those who need a license in order to minister, but are not called into the ordained ministry.

ORDINATION ~ Those who are called into ministry and are recognized as set apart by the Lord for that ministry.

ASSOCIATE ~ Those who hold credentials in good standing with other organizations, but wish to be identified with IAM Ministers Fellowship.

CHURCH OR MINISTERIUM AFFILIATION ~Those ministries desiring to network with others for relationship, oversight, accountability and  voluntary sharing of resources.


- Born again and maintain an active, progressive relationship with Jesus.

- Baptized in water

- Baptized in the Holy Spirit

- Called into the ministry, with evidence of the gifts and graces of the calling.

- Holiness of life, conduct, and character.

- Family in Biblical order.

- Actively involved in ministry.

- Be in agreement with IMF Statement of Faith, and be a responsible part of IAM Ministers Fellowship.


- Make a formal request on application forms.  Application fee/annual fee is required for membership.

- Recommendation by an active ordained minister outside of your   ministry association.

- Recommendation by your local pastor. If you are the pastor, then need another recommendation from an outside ordained minister.

- A personal interview with the director, or member of the credentials committee.

- Upon positive inquiry of references and evaluation of the applicant's ministry and integrity, the credential committee will approve the applicant for IAM Ministers Fellowship credentials. 

Pastor Jay T. Francis, Director

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